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Best Appliance manufacture

By: Oscar Chairez Jan 03, 2015

The Number one Question

So you want to get the 411 from a technical on what brand is best. I’ve visited thousands of homes over my career as a technician, and I would always get this question on which is brand ,is best. The answer obviously is the appliance that never breaks, but as we live in the real world, everything breaks. So read on so that you can make the best decision on what brand is best for you. The best brand changes when asking about a particular appliance or particular year, and ones priorities. Use this guild to determine what is best and how to get the best bang for your buck.

Spend Your money one this

Any online list that gives you an exact name, when you ask what brand is best is probably lying to you. what is best for me may not be necessarily best for you. The real question is what is best for you. Cost, Brand Name, Reviews, Experience, and aesthetics all fall differently when assessing ones priorities . I'll go ahead and tell you right now that when you pay a lot of money for an appliance you are paying for more stainless steel more lights, and more things that can break. Most appliances are built the same way and with similar components. If you priorities function over beauty, they you are like me and want to have an ugly heavy appliance that is overkill for the task it is designed for. So just because it cost more does not mean that it is better. Cheap appliances are also not on the same level as middle of the range appliances. As a repairman myself, I would recommend that you spend your money on these 3 things. Design, Material, and aesthetic appeal. The combination of those 3 things will yield the best combination of value.

How to pick the Best Design

Design plays a big part in how well and for how long your appliance does whatever it was designed to do. Bosch makes very well-engineered appliances. Design is not an easy thing for the general consumer to distinguish as good or bad. Reading reviews on the appliance will give you an insight into what components of an appliance were poorly designed. All appliances have bad aspects so don’t count on reviews as a source to point out good design, go to them to see which brand has the poorest designs. Material is easy to see, just as you can tell the difference between a good piece a clothing and a bad one. You can usually touch poke and prod something before you buy it. Stores exist for the sole reason of giving you a place to experience something before you fully commit to it. When picking a brand, visit showrooms and examine many many products. For each examination ask your-self this; are the materials sturdy, do they look well put together, are there things falling off. A display model at the store that has parts broken off is a model that will be just as fragile in your home over the course of many years. Keep an eye out for sharp edges and flimsy components. The display model is the best of what a brand has to offer, if it doesn’t look good on display it won’t be much different in your home. Lastly Aesthetics, If you don’t like the way it looks you don't like anything about it. You don’t have to love it, but you should like it at the very least.

Manufactures of Appliances spend the most on this

Many people remodel their kitchen and buy a suit of appliances because they match each other. I am not a big fan of this thinking because you are putting too much value on the aesthetics of the appliance. If it looks good but never works, how much are you going to like it after couples service calls? Another reason for not putting so much value on aesthetics is because; manufacturers know that much like people eat with their eyes they also shop with their eyes. An appliance that looks good, does so because the manufacture spent a lot of money on the design team and neglected the engineering team. So you are spending hundreds of dollars because someone figured out which paint looks best, but you are still getting dated or obsolete technology. So make your shortlist of appliances by picking ones that you like, then poke and prod those to determine which feel good, then make your final decision by picking the one that has the least amount of design problems. That is the best road map I can give for shooting the best brand for yourself. Good luck.